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We created a one stop shop for teeth replacement and continuously filling it up with all sort of products you need. Enjoy having transparent prices, receive digital invoices and chose your payment and delivery method exactly how you’re used to with all other services in your life.

As with any webshop you are welcome to use your credit and debit card at the end of the workflow.

As a dental professional you might work at multiple clinics, so we created a Shared Wallet function. The clinic sets up a wallet and you can simply pay from the co-account.

It is safe and comfortable for you and for your clinic as well.

  • Relevant item suggestions based on your treatment plan

  • Digitized product catalogues helping your decision

  • Single platfrom shopping for tooth replacement just a click away

  • Drop-ship right at your clinic

  • No need to accumulate huge stocks

  • Case specific single item purchase

  • Completely digital eCommerce with all of its benefits

SMART suggestions

Everything in one box

SMART webshop


Your cart is communicating with your treatment plan so it can automatically fill up the most important items, which means you can skip spending hours browsing catalogues and matching items to your plan. Our algorithms suggest the best products case specifically to you!


Digital shared wallet



Want to track your package?

You can find tracking information and order details in Your Orders on the Platform, in real time.

We offer different shipping methods from standard (delivery in 7 days) to express (delivery next day), and we take the most care to make sure your items arrive on time.

Easy tracking

Check status at any time

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