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Dental Laboratories

How can dicomLAB Platform help dental laboratories?
  • accessible from anywhere

  • ensures traceability of the entire order processes

  • case specific

  • facilitates and speeds up everyday communication

  • safe

  • all the necessary information can be found online in one place.

  • That guides the dentist through key decision-making points.

  • With its help, all images and files can be easily uploaded and STL files can also be viewed.

  • A case-specific chat facilitates communication.

  • Feedback from dentists is integrated into the system, so all communication takes place and is recorded at once.

  • Secure, GDPR-compliant communication.

  • Online, traceable digital order processes.

  • All data and information can be found within one case.

It also supports the workflow management and communication of dentists working with manual impressions.

With the help of our Platform, our goal is to provide dental labs with a digital workflow between dentists and dental technicians that:

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