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dicomLAB Dental Ltd is a Hungarian medical-technology company with more than 8 years of experience in digital dentistry and we are present in more than 10 countries in Europe. You might know us from our guided surgery system “SMART Guide” but today we do much more than just surgical guides. 

Building on several years of international experience we have developed a case-specific, fully digital E-Commerce System that covers all aspects of implantology and tooth replacement, including prosthetics, implants, guides and other materials. We want to give you a workflow that fits into your everyday clinical routine.

We are committed to making dental implant surgery, as a treatment for tooth loss more precise, safer and widely accessible. Our mission is to pave the way to true digitalization in the medical technological industry.


We root for better patient care, simplified guided surgery workflows and continuous education for dentists. Innovation, friendly customer care and being research-driven are the key values pushing us to provide great services. dicomLAB stands for inclusivity, integrity, transparency and bringing talented people together to reach our mission.


dicomLAB has been founded with one core mission at heart; making implant based tooth replacement available for the masses. Our vision is to create an effective workflow through a transparent platfrom making implant placement more precise, safer and easily accessible for patients through confident dental professionals.

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