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Enhance safety, accuracy and predictability with guided surgery.

Supported implant sequences:

Need a little guidance?


Try the entry level, zero investment pilot guide option.

2.2 mm diameter drills in 3 lengths will be delivered, working seemlesly together with the surgical guide and the surgical protocol. 

The position, depth and angulation of your pilot drillhole will be ensured, it is your hands from that point. Use your conventional surgical tray to go on with the surgery.


We are continuously integrating implants and their guided tools supporting you with seamless guided experience for your favorite implant brand.

Available full guided solutions are:

  • Straumann

  • AlphaBio-Tec

  • Edierre


Our self developed, universal guided tray is the ultimate solution for safe and predictable surgery with the benefit of having the freedom of choice when it comes to implant systems.

Have all drills guided up to 4.5 mm in diameter, super simple sleeve system and spoon less design helps you with an extraordinary surgical experience.

Innovative drill design helps irrigation during surgery, cool isn’t it?


Conventional surgery

In case the treatment plan is enough for you to achieve your ideal implant positions you can just go ahead and use the conventional surgical tray of your preferred implant system.

The benefits of having a documented case, a visualization to show the treatment to your patient and the option to automatically fill your shopping cart with corresponding products based on the plan are still yours. Oh, almost forgot, it is completely for free and always will be.

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