Upcoming events


Online webinars on a regular basis, held by SMART Guide user clinicians.

These webinars are one-hour courses supported by an online platform which allows the participants to follow the presentation live or to download it to watch and listen to it at their convenience. Besides the information on the Prezi slides and the live commentary, screen videos and animations help the audience to grasp the most important aspects of guided surgery and the SMART Guide System.



These events are 1,5-hour live courses at a location easily reachable for the participants.

Normally, SMART Nights are organized in the evening hours so the participating dentists don’t need to cancel any patients during the day. Before the presentation the guests are invited for some finger-food & beverage, and given the opportunity to mingle. The presentation gives a brief but comprehensive overview of SMART Guide and guided surgery in general, followed by a Questions&Answers session.

Certification course

This one-day course will teach the theoretical basis and practical principles of SMART Guide for doctors who have already signed up for the system.

Oral presentations, case instructions, practicing the software and hands-on with artificial bone models will help to understand the workflow and the comprehensive solution before the new SMART Guide-members start using the system. At the end of the course participants will be activated, certified and ready for their first cases.


Clinical course

These are two-day courses in real clinical environment which will give a thorough training to the participants.

Besides the theoretical background and practical principles, the participants will learn about the clinical usage of SMART Guide. The participating doctors will have the opportunity to plan cases and attend live surgeries with SMART Guide. Those who have already signed up for the system before or during the course will be activated and certified by SMART Guide at end of the two days.