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Simple process without unnecessary steps

Guided workflow in 3 simple steps

SMART Guide is the first system on the market fitting treatment planning and guided implantation in the daily dental clinical routine.

  • No time-consuming preparations
  • No plaster model creation
  • No physical data moving


SMART Imaging. Exceptional technology. Complete imaging at the first patient visit. Only a single impression is needed for immediate imaging.

Complete imaging can be done with a simple impression. It is also compatible with removable dentures or CBCT templates.

  • No plaster model
  • No dental technician interaction
  • Easy solution for any type of edentulous cases
  • Our innovation: the patented SMART Guide Imaging Process
  • Also works with all known imaging possibilities



CBCT requirements


SMART Guide Software makes treatment planning and surgical guide ordering easier than ever before.

Thanks to our Ready-to-Plan service we provide completely prepared cases shortly after CBCT imaging, enabling users for immediate treatment planning. Spectacular visualization and helpful features are supporting the use of the software.

  • Using SMART Guide Software is easy and smart
  • Location of the implant determined with a single move
  • Useful warnings
  • Ordering surgical guide with one ‘click’


SMART Surgical Guide and Protocol in harmony with guided tools guarantee the perfect realization of the treatment plan.

  • Surgical guide arriving in a handy pack to the clinician shortly after the first patient visit.
  • Individual surgical protocol leading through the complete procedure.
  • Surgical tools in complete harmony with the entire system.