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Clinicians should solely focus on their professional work

We established SMART Guide Service & Competence Center to manage your entire guided workflow and to let you concentrate on the essentials.

This makes it possible for you to use guided surgery in your everyday clinical routine.


Partner integration

Our system leads you through an integration process helping you with the very first steps of applying a guided solution. Whether you are a clinician, praxis manager, diagnostic partner or implant company we provide online education and communication materials.

Our partner integration contains a detailed e-learning program and certification course.

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Image processing

Your cases are completely optimized for treatment planning in SMART Guide Software. It significantly reduces the time you need to spend in front of the computer.

  • Quality check of diagnostic images
  • Registration and merge of diagnostic images
  • Grey value settings
  • Spectacular visualization of anatomical structures
  • Complete case-preparation for planning

Digital teeth setup

Prosthetic visualization for backward planning


Have your surgeries realized with the help of our best.

With the round-the-clock service of our professional mentor network, you can have your case prepared by an other clinician for you. If you only need feedback on your planned case, you can also reach out for our doctors to discuss it.

You will receive a professionally planned case with clinical comments and recommendations waiting for your approval.

Professional. Transparent. Convenient.

Digital Guide Design

Professional guide design is done by SMART Guide Service & Competence Center.

  • Quality check of received plans
  • Automatic Implant specific sleeve positioning
  • Optimal surgical guide design
  • Digital surgical simulations for convenient usability


All SMART Surgical Guides are manufactured and packed under strict quality regulations. Guides are made from certified bio-compatible resin, manufactured under the ISO 13485 quality management system and certified by CE.

Every single surgical guide arrives with a patient specific surgical protocol containing all information about the procedure.